Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access twenty:28 ChMS from my mobile device?

    twenty:28 ChMS is compatible with all types of devices including tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. There is an iPhone app available through the App Store, and a mobile web app designed for Android devices.

  • Does twenty:28 ChMS allow me to send mass communications?

    Yes, you have the ability to send mass SMS (text messages), emails, and voice messages too. These communications can be sent to your entire congregation at once or to different groups of people in your database, perhaps members who have been absent.

  • How do I use the twenty:28 ChMS calendar?

    The twenty:28 ChMS calendar is an excellent feature that is your go-to tool for events. You can create events and have them display in real time on your church’s website, reserve rooms and equipment within the church, and track which facilities are available.

  • Can I access online giving with twenty:28?

    twenty:28 offers an online giving service that easily integrates with your ChMS. What this means is that you can view all your data in one place, and view giving trends over time, within different groups, or by individuals. For more information on our online giving services, check out the features.

  • How does child check-in work with twenty:28 ChMS?

    Child check-in is pretty simple on twenty:28. The only thing you need for child check-in is a wireless label printer and an iPad or iPhone. You can download a special iOS app for child check-in from the App Store. Once this has been set up, parents can utilize the app to check in their children even before arriving at church; the labels will print at the check-in station. At the station, you can have a volunteer running check-in or have parents do it themselves via a kiosk.

  • Can anyone update their own information?

    You can set permissions for different members of your ministry team. However, there is also the ability for members to log in to twenty:28 ChMS and update their own information, print their giving statements, view a church director, and even find small groups to join within the church.

  • How does twenty:28 ChMS help me keep in touch with members?

    Our ChMS primarily uses a feature called Interactions, which allows you to follow up with visitors and keep in touch with church members. Just enter in who last called or contacted a visitor to record an interaction. You can also create interactions in advance and assign them to different members of your ministry team. For example, you can assign someone to follow up with certain visitors, visit a sick member in the hospital, or touch base with a member who has been stuck at home. When you assign an interaction, the individual you assigned it to will automatically get an email letting him/her know, and he/she can reply with notes from his/her interaction to automatically update your ChMS records.

  • Is there a limit to how many groups I can make within twenty:28 ChMS?

    No there is no limit! Groups are a powerful feature allowing you to track and take attendance for meetings, create specific directories and mailing labels for group members, or send mass communications to certain groups.