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Christ calls us to go to all nations, but what happens if we forget about the community in our own back yard? twenty:28 wants churches of all sizes and denominations to reach people for Christ. The solutions we offer can broaden your reach. We want your website to have both purpose and unique style to help you as disciples of Christ.

The style you choose will integrate with your marketing plan as you prepare for the future goals of your church. Your digital marketing plan will start with a focus and twenty:28 will help you express that digitally. Think about the purpose of your website and who you want to reach.

We offer solutions to help build your church website

What is the purpose of my church having a website?

Some church leaders find the website a great central location for all church information and events, including holiday service hours, easy ways to join the church, and an up-to-date list of volunteer opportunities within the community.

Some serve by having an online presence so more people can find a local church to join.

Some simply want to share God’s message and worship souls being saved through their digital ministry.

Who does my church want to reach out to?

While thinking about this question and content for your site, consider both your existing members as well as whom you want to attract with your message. Think about the people in your church community who help make your church distinctive. Some possibilities are:

  • Your most active members
  • Your church volunteers
  • Your greeters and small group leaders
  • Your mission to reach new members

What makes these people different? What attracts them to your community and keeps them coming back week after week, pitching in and volunteering? What is it about your church that makes sure they feel included and encourages them to get involved? It is important to speak directly to the audience you want to attract the most and keep their wants and needs in mind as you write your website copy.

Now you have the building blocks to develop your church website. Contact us to learn more about our many features and tools to help you create the best site for your church, or to get started today.

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