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twenty:28 Giving Kiosks

The onsite kiosks used with twenty:28 function off of iPads and provide members with the ability to simply swipe their debit or credit cards in order to make a donation. After swiping, the donor will specify the amount to give and how it should be used. This service combines the iPad, an easy-to-use and familiar device, with the simplest and easiest way to make a financial transaction, the debit or credit card. This no longer leaves church members searching through their pockets to find cash to donate or scribbling in a check book, and donations are completely accounted for and documented without any extra steps. Additionally, electronic giving can be set up for each month or even pre-scheduled for those who have limited mobility.

How Does It Work?

Your twenty:28 account manager has the ability to control all of your kiosk settings from the web-based control panel that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even from a remote location. Any changes are automatically updated to your kiosks in real time. The transactions are safe and secure, and every change is documented and can be viewed for security and accountability purposes. With the iPad Giving Kiosks, your organization makes it extremely simple for donors to make contributions while simultaneously making it much easier for you to manage your donations.

Each kiosk contains an iPad, a stand or a mount, and an integrated card reader. These iPads are equipped with touch screens, making it fast and easy for your donors to contribute. Furthermore, these kiosks are Wi-Fi ready, multi-function, and very portable. Contact us now to order.

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